(live screening pending Covid)


 Hudson NY Shorts is a mixed genre short film festival with entries from local and global filmmakers. Each film program will include both narrative and documentary shorts. Comedy, Urban, LGBTQQI, Music Videos, Drama, Animation, Experimental and other genres will be selected to create two eclectic 70-minute mixes that will make audiences think, feel and expand.


 Bonnie O’Neill is a film professor who has taught film production, screenwriting and history in San Francisco for nearly two decades. Her M.A. work in Film from SF State University emphasized screenwriting. Her love of storytelling is evidenced throughout her life as a novelist, filmmaker, story consultant and editor. Currently she mentors over 20 short films a year with an eye and ear for story. Her own directorial work has taken her from sets in SF to shooting at the hospital where AIDS was first observed in the Congo. Ms. O’Neill is excited to contribute to the emerging world of short content with Hudson NY Shorts.


•Martin Huberty, Producer/Director
Credits include Deserter, Fried Green Tomatoes, Red Corner, Up Close and Personal, The War and The Mighty Ducks.

•Ken Schretzmann, A.C.E. Film Editor
Credits include Toy Story, The Lorax, The Secret Lives of Pets as well as a diverse range of indie projects.


 After going virtual this year, we hope to be back live again next year at our beloved and progressive Time & Space Limited. TSL is a not-for-profit arts organization serving the City of Hudson and the Hudson River Valley Region. As a venue, it's unsurpassed. Converted from an empty bakery warehouse by Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce in 1991 after leaving their former Chelsea theater, the space is ever evolving to provide inspiration for all artists to display, perform and share their love of art. TSL's dedication to the world of film is a cinephile's dream come true.

 Please support TSL anyway possible as they work to support the community with comfort dinners for pick-up and delivery and the best streaming films ever!!

 For more information on TSL, go to:


 Hudson, New York reflects a historic and diverse arc of creativity. It was home to the first art school, the Hudson River School, and is now a hub for artists, writers and filmmakers. Hudson NY Shorts is an extension of this creative spirit. For more information on its world class art scene and what makes it one of the greatest towns in America, check out these links and articles:

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