2019 Winners



The Vasectomy Doctor
d. Paul Webster

Paul Webster

  Paul Webster is an Irish award-winning producer, writer and director. Moreover, he's a filmmaker to follow. His documentary, The Vasectomy Doctor, took the Hudson NY Shorts audience by surprise again and again. Paul's film grew from a curiosity after his friend had a vasectomy performed by Dr. Andrew Rynne who had once been shot by a former patient. It's a film of politics, persistence and a procedure known to intimidate men and society alike. It opens with Dr. Rynne referring to the vas deferens as "about the size of a piece of spaghetti." From that first moment, Webster gives us a unique look into the charming and witty doctor while exposing the trajectory of the tale through priceless interviews and re-enactments that work brilliantly. Webster's storytelling is masterful as he leads viewers through a man's passion and conviction in a country where condoms were once available by prescription only.

 Paul graduated from the MA program in Production and Direction at the John Huston School of Film and Media in Galway. He went on to work in production for Element Pictures and later as script editor for Fair City where he is now a regular writer on the popular soap. We wish Paul the best in all of his future endeavors and look forward to seeing his storytelling continue to grace screens around the world!


The Vasectomy Doctor



The Golden Years
by Joe Starzyk

Joe Starzyk

  After studying playwriting in Oxford, England and then a 27 year hiatus, Joe Starzyk resumed his career as a playwright and is now exploring screenwriting. His short screenplay, The Golden Years, is about Mabel and Norman who have been together so long they know everything there is to know about each other... or do they? An evening conversation yields a number of surprises which will no doubt translate well to film.

 In the last five years, Joe has written more than ten full length plays and over two dozen short plays which have been performed on four continents and in ten countries around the world. We wish Joe continued success as he continues to explore a new medium which is already garnering him a host of new awards. Joe currently resides in Troy, NY with his wife and three daughters.