Hudson NY Shorts is delighted that Irish filmmaker, Katie McNeice, won the Best in Festival prize of $500. Katie made an incredible directorial debut in 2019 with her film, In Orbit. Yes, you read that correctly ~ this was Katie's debut. She also wrote and produced this self funded project. For a short film ~ it's long on vision, complexity and characters that need visibility in film today.

 In Katie's Director's Statement, she talks about the challenges of being gay today in Ireland. Selflessly, Katie's film projects that onto the elderly gay population that has literally been closeted for a lifetime.

 According to Katie, In Orbit is," firstly, about a person who feels she is living outside everyone and everything else. Secondly, it is to remind us our eyes are contained in orbital sockets ~ our ability to see and change our perspectives, be it literally or metaphorically, is constantly within us. By looking at things differently, we can literally change the world."

There was once an invisible optician, trapped in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.


 The winner of the 2020 Short Screenplay was The Pickler's Tale by L.A. writer, Dorian Frankel. The screenplay was a standout because of its unique core story of a young woman who learns something about herself while trying to make a film about her eccentric uncle. The fact that his lifelong goal was to make the perfect pickle added a fable-like element to the piece.

 Hudson NY Shorts was delighted to host a virtual reading of The Pickler's Tale for Dorian who, on top of being an extraordinary writer, is an actor and casting director as well. The actors reading were Ali Haas and Ben Brady from Oregon, John Boles from the SF Bay Area and Emmet Kelly from Ireland who also starred in one of our shorts this year, The Space Between Us.

 We were honored to have Dorian participate in filmmakers' Q&A and appreciated the energy she infused into the festival!!